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2012 world cancer day: Together it is possible

   ---Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital successfully held the World Cancer Day's health missionary activities

  On the morning of February 24 of year 2012, the World Cancer Day's health missionary activities hosted by the nursing department of Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital at the 2nd floor conference room of the administrative building of Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital had fallen into a successful curtain.

  The theme for 2012 World Cancer Day is: "Together it is possible". More than 100 overseas cancer patients along with their family members had warmly welcome and actively participated in this health missionary activities. The vice president of Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital, Mr. Chen Bing, the oncologist, Director Peng XiaoChi, the director of nursing department, Director He LiangQiong, as well as the head nurses of tumor ward had attended the activities and delivered a speech.

  Firstly, the health talk regarding cancer day , of the general assembly was carried out by the director of the nursing department, Director He LiangQiong, She had pointed out that through active prevention and intervention, at least 40% of the cancers can be prevented, and if we can achieve early detection and treatment, about 1/3 of all cancers can be cured. Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital will actively promote all parties to work together and to jointly participate in raising the public awareness and level of knowledge regarding cancer prevention, and is committed in realizing the scientific medical treatment for cancer patients, to timely seeking and accepting standardized treatment and scientific rehabilitation.

  Followed by, the head nurses of tumor wards shared stories to the audiences regarding the successful battle of our hospital patients against cancer, in order to motivate the cancer patients currently being treated and to further establish their confidence in struggling against cancer through these real stories.

  Under the interactive conversation between the patients and the experts, patients all over the country of different colors, and different languages urgently "grabs the microphone" one after another to ask the experts questions. The content is about everything, including physical examination of tumor screening, things to take note after going through the tumor treatment, new way in treating cancer, and etc.. Vice president Chen Bing along with Director Peng XiaoChi solved a lot of doubts of the patients and their families by providing detailed answers to their inquiries.

  World Cancer Day is initiated on year 2000 by UICC(Union for International Cancer Control). The activity is scheduled every 4th of February, it is primarily designed to advocate new methods, in order to promote the cooperation among the organizations in accelerating the research regarding cancer, its prevention and treatment, and other areas regarding cancer, to be able to create benefit for mankind.

  The joint participation on the 2012 World Cancer Day aimed to gather the strength of the whole nation to provide love and care to each and every cancer patient. They deserve not only the excellent quality of cancer treatment services provided by Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital; the concern of the society, the love and care of family members and nurses are also important matter for the patients. We believe that by providing technology as the lead and love and care as the basic consideration through all medical staffs, patients along with their families, and also through the strength to strive of the whole nation; we will be able to achieve the victory against cancer miraculously.

  And finally, the hospital had distributed umbrellas to every cancer patients participated in the activities, as a sign that Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital will be there to hold up the sky of life with them.