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Malignant fatty tumor

Mr. Zhong (overseas Chinese), male.

In 2005, he was checked that there was a huge tumor in left belly with size of 12×10.5×4.5cm which has been confirmed as the malignant fatty tumor. Operation has found that the huge tumor which encysted by blood vessel could not be excised. He was introduced into Tumor research institute of Modern Hospital Guangzhou. When he admitted to our hospital, he felt tired and suffered fever. His pain in left belly was very evident.

After intercurrent therapy and thermal treatment five times, as well as intravenous injection of traditional Chinese medicine and anus pouring of traditional Chinese medicine in two months, tumor has shortened into 6×5×2cm. He has also been conducted gamma knife therapy for one course.

After therapy, his symptoms have been eliminated. The tumor in left belly could not be touched. CT re-checking in May 2006: tumor has disappeared basically. Now he is healthy and doing business in Singapore.

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